Little House In Ise

Riai with Jo
September 25, 2006, 15:23
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Aside from a cold that has gone from one of us to another we’re OK. Still no place to put our things so there are waaaaay more boxes around than I prefer but cabinets, dresser drawers and a few other things are supposed to arrive soon. Once we have places to put our things away the boxes will slowly disappear. Theory and practice are usually quite different so we’ll see how it actually plays out.

The dojo here don’t seem to do weapons regularly so seminars are the main place to train with them, I _think_. The focus of this seminar was jo waza and I learned a couple of wicked ikyo-variations that I’ll need to keep in my bag of tricks. They’re so simple and effective that I just had to smile while doing it. My uke obviously thought I was a freak 🙂 . There were only three non-yudansha at the seminar. Both of the others thought I was yudansha and asked for help whenever I worked with them. It was very flattering. There were some very strong Aikidoka on the mat and they certainly showed me a few things. I had a great time.

After that, a bunch of us went to lunch together. That was pretty cool too. I wore my gi to the seminar and didn’t have clothes to change into afterward. They said not to worry about it. I was the only one in our group in a gi but as we arrived at the restaurant another group of grizzled guys in gi and hakama came pouring out. I’ve no idea what art they did (white hakama w/rough and tumbled judo-gi …  kyudo? ia? jujutsu?) but I no longer felt like the odd man out. The food was good, the conversation nice but the camaraderie was the best. They just accepted me.


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