Little House In Ise

Lab-Coat Mafia vs. the Mouseketeers
October 13, 2006, 15:39
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No wild adventures this time. Mind you, it still seems as though I’m writting a trip report after eating mushrooms but such is life in Japan.

The hi-lite of my workday is usually that blissful 45 minute period ironically described as “Lunch Hour”. Like clockwork, the lab-coat mafia appears 30 minutes before the appointed time and delivers bento. Carts of artfully designed lunch boxes are hauled in by men and women dressed in the latest from the Mad Scientists -R- Us  catalog, including surgical masks.

As the Mafia prepared their wares today, a high-pitched shreik broke the rustling of papers and one-sided conversations that make up the normal background din of my office. One of the young ladies in the CAD group had found that a mouse had taken up residence in the back of her snack drawer. The terrified mouse scrambled for cover under the desks that comprise the rest of CAD island. More shreiking and shouting broke out.

The Lab-coat Mafia freaked, no doubt worried that someone had come to take revenge on them for serving spinach every day for a week (import spinch from the States has become cheap — can you say e-coli?). One ran for cover. He made it out safely I think.

Gallent young men bounded from left and right to come to the aid of the poor young ladies on CAD island. It was kinda cute in a, “Thumpers gonna die” kinda way. The rescuing knights caused even more confusion in the mafia ranks. Clearly today’s lunch was not meant to be.

Anyway to make a short story longer, I discovered that the best way to upgrade a crappy old 60s vintage, battleship-grey desk is to fill a cabinet with cookies and then let mice shit in it. I’m still not sure how to get rid of the matching chair. My plan obviously needs work and I _need_ to get a lab-coat.


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