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The Yard
February 19, 2007, 13:35
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I just hit another one of those work stoppage “moments”. I think it’s related to all the chocolate I’ve eaten today. One of the “Office Flowers” brought around four loads of snacks from folks returning from business trips. The old bring back chocolate-from-foreign-visit custom would be killing me if it were not for the prison gym we’ve got here.

Any good prison movie will feature scenes with “cons” out “the yard” pumping rusty old weights and generally being beefy. With the possible exception of my butt, “beefy” is not quite the way to describe me — but I do like to get a sweat on at lunch. With a 45 minute “lunch hour”, pass required to leave the factory grounds and a daily all hands meeting after lunch, getting to the gym is a challenge. However, the guys from the former parent company have a bunch of rusty, greasy old weights that are combined cast-offs from at least three different sets. They’ve even been pushed out of the “cushy” space they were in when I discovered them before Christmas and are now occupying a covered parking space behind a row of airconditioners. So, I’ve been going out in the yard with the cons and violating a ton of workplace health and safety regulations just to get a work out. You might think that I miss my old gym with clean machines, heated and air-conditioned facilities and showers, well <SOB!!!> OK, yeah, I do. But it still seems kinda macho-cool to be out in the cold sweating and grunting with a bunch of grease covered factory dudes. At any rate, that’s the spin I’m trying to put on it.


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