Little House In Ise

Skinned Knees

I thought I’d share a laugh with you. Sadly, it is a lost-in-translation laugh …

One of the more popular forms of adult entertainment for men in Japan have been various types of, “No pan” restaurants. “No pan” means “no pants” . It is common to see “No-pan kisa” which are panty-free coffee-shops. “No-pan shabu-shabu” are places to eat a kind of soup without having to be worried that your waitress might be overly encumbered by underclothes. The list goes on. The theory here is that attractive young women wear very short skirts and the rest is obvious. So, what is the connection to Aikido?

Well, I got a new gi that was “specially made” for Aikido. It’s lighter than a typical judo gi, heavier than a karate-gi and didn’t come with pants. It’s been hot and humid here so I decided to try practice without the pants and use only my hakama. Class was much cooler without the bottoms but shiko and suwari-waza tore off four strips of skin that I really preferred having on. While changing after class an instructor from one of the other locol dojo noticed my knees and howled with laughter. He told me that “No pan keiko” would do that to you. More laughter followed and he wandered off shaking his head. I’m guessing that this is the start of a yet another henna-gaijin story.


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