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Obon in Okayama
August 21, 2007, 20:19
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Okayama was mostly hot and busy. Megumi was sick with a nasty summer cold the whole time and didn’t have much energy. We did all the traditional graveyard visits. We lit incense for the whole Kageyama graveyard and most of the graves at the Maruo’s as well. The kids liked doing the incense but got bored with it after the second time (traditionally there are three visits during Obon).

This year there was a vast over-abundance of eggplant. Oh baby, baby … I don’t hate eggplant, yet, but in the quantities that I’ve eaten it I will eventually be sneaking it to the compost pile soon (yesterday-ish perhaps). The peaches were wonderful as were the red watermelon. For some reason, the yellow weren’t very sweet this year. There were three good figs produced during the time we were there. It’s just too early for them.

My in-laws are doing well though they are working harder than either really wants. It is as uncomfortable to live there for them as it is for us to visit. They actually have air-conditioners that they could install but have decided not to since the great grandparents don’t want it in their part of the house and they would feel guilty. I am guessing about the “feel guilty” part because the explanation I got for why they don’t install machines that they own ended at the “since” part.

Anyway, I’m sick of this god-damned heat!!!! Aaagh I’m melting… (guess it’s just sweat dripping but it FEELS like I’m melting). I’m going to hop in the shower and then lay down in front of a fan, set to high, and fall asleep there.


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