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Hello, I’m Eric and … I’m a Pepper …
October 9, 2007, 11:43
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Nintendo DS addicts and crack-heads have a greater grip on the consumer zeitgeist than those of us who abuse other products — but we are out there. A few of us are even over here.

In the old days, I used to have to take the hydroplane to Osaka (up-hill, both ways, in the snow, etc…) in order to buy Dr. Pepper. So, I wouldn’t have thought there were any other Dr. Pepper users in central Japan but then the New Guy showed up. The New Guy isn’t really new, he’s been with the company since long before it was this company. However, he was sent to the US for seven years to work at a subsidiary there (trans: “to be a tool”). Somewhere during that period, the New Guy picked up a baaad case of the Peppers…

Since this was the only Japanese person that I have ever met who admits to liking the stuff, I figured his problem couldn’t be too bad.  I was wrong! It turns out that the guy was seriously jonesing for some of the other “caramel colored caca water”. So bad that he went and found a source — a local source! The dude hooked me up the next day.

So … If you’re ever in Ise-shi, Mie-ken and you are in desperate need for the ideal caffeine delivery mechanism (PUNK, don’t even start about Red Bull), drop by the second floor of the Kawasaki-cho LaLa Park. The not-so-trust-worthy looking shop above MaxValue can set you up the bomb. Tell them Eric sent you — you won’t get a discount but the lady behind the counter might get confused and mis-calculate your bill.


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