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All Projects Look Like Nails …
October 12, 2007, 13:53
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I haven’t written much about business in Japan lately and am mostly shying away from that topic. The office is a sore spot and writing about it feels like poking a bruise. Today’s funkiness was more like a whanged funny-bone.

I do a lot of project scheduling so MS Project is a tool that I use frequently. My company, however, has traditionally done all of its planning by hand-drawing Gantt charts in Excel. Very few managers even have Project installed. Yesterday, I was asked to share some project details with the manager of a different team . Without thinking about it, I sent him my most up-to-date project schedule file which had all the data I thought he needed . This guy, known un-affectionately as Kim Jong Il, had one of his senior reports manually copy the data into a new Excel spreadsheet. When asked , “Why” he responded that it was a better way to share the data.

I should have guessed that this fearless leader would not have a tool made for planning projects. He was right in believing that sharing a schedule in a spreadsheet would be better, assuming that no one has Project. Aside from the fact that I manage unrelated products and projects and need the flexibility that this tool offers me, I should have known all of that. However — here comes teh funny — the reason he needed my schedule in the first place was that he wanted to paste a screenshot image of it into a PowerPoint presentation …

This is how my company does most things. They don’t even know how much effort they waste. I’d laugh but whanged funny bones aren’t that funny.


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Really that’s just precious. He’s probably still congratulating himself.

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