Little House In Ise

赤福スキャンダル The Akafuku Scandal

The breaking news in Ise this weekend was related to consumer fraud perpetrated by the 300 year old Akafuku company of Okageyoko-cho. When I heard the news I was very disappointed. I’d been hoping for no-pan-shabushabu bribes of politicians or yakuza hits on other pastry makers. Sadly no, the news was mundane and, had they been clear in their advertising, not really news-worthy.

Apparently, Akafuku has been mis-dating some of their pastries *GASP*! As anyone who bites into the red anko covered mochi knows, these things have an eat-by date of tomorrow (or-you-will-heave). Well, they have been freezing ingredients and saying they were fresh *GASP*! They have also been adding sugar and not listing it on the right part of their label *GASP*!

This is truly a sign of moral decay. I’m going to move back to America! Errr…. maybe not…


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