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Road Warrior Shugyou
November 6, 2007, 00:53
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Training in new dojo with new instructors and different uke is one of the few things that I really enjoy about business trips. The problem, as usual, is timing and logistics. I am in Albuquerque, New Mexico and have found two Aikikai (some sensei are purists — it’s best to be polite) dojo that have class hours that I might be able to fit into my schedule. Now, how to get there? We’ve had to shuffle vehicles and two of the people with the least need for rental cars actually have them so I may need to bum a ride from the “Sleazy Uncle”.

My coworker, the Irish Dude, had to listen to all of the planning discussions for this trip and began calling it “Dysfunctional Family Vacation”. He assigned less than flattering titles to several members of the group for whom he has little use. I laughed as the sales guy got pinned with “Sleazy Uncle” and semi-retired-but-we-can’t-quite-get-rid-of-him former manager as “Senile Grandfather”. Senile Grandfather got the other car. I don’t really trust either of them to drive in the US but Sleazy Uncle doesn’t drop his head below the level of the dashboard to program (figure out) the GPS while driving. Anyway, a taxi ride probably won’t kill me but it will break my recreation budget for this trip so I’ll need to work something out.

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The first night in Albuquerque we ate at El Pinto. The carne adobada was wonderful. The green chile was not up to my grandparents standards but it was better than anything I can get in Japan. Though I’m crazy jet-lagged my stomach is happy.

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