Little House In Ise

The Big Interview
November 14, 2007, 21:20
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There is a store selling modern and antique swords across the street from the main office! Dozens of beautiful, master-crafted pieces of steel with glorious waves and ripples were on display. The cheapest 日本刀 (Nihontou) I saw was ¥2,100,000 (steel only, tsuka, saya, tsuba etc… all sold separately). Saving my lunch money would be a start but assuming bento every workday for the next 16 years, I’d only be able to cover the cheapest model. So, my lust for good cutlery could easily drive my family to the poor-house or, at least, back to the family farm.

Megumi has been happy that I don’t care much about cars, gambling, local/national sports franchises and generally don’t drink to excess. From her perspective, my martial arts-and-crafts interests have tended to be a plus for the family (health and well-being wise anyway) and it is down-right cheap, especially since we moved to Japan. If I take this job that could all change.

“Honey, there is a special on mid 19th century tanto, how many should I pick up?”

Maybe I can write-off a couple swords as business expenses…? Maybe? No?  Damn!

Oh yeah, the job looks interesting and the company seems nice.


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