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Easy Being Green
November 18, 2007, 15:37
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For experienced expats and Japan-o-philes re-using tub water is old-hat. For Americans interested in green lifestyle options this may be interesting. In Japan it has been common to share baths and bathwater for a very long time. In modern practice that means taking turns in the bath without changing the water between uses. I have heard American friends and family say “gross” when hearing this but they often miss the point. Japanese people shower or dip water out of the tub with a bucket to get clean before hopping into the tub to soak and relax. It is common to cover the tub with a thermal lid to preserve the heat for the next person. The re-use does not end there however. Many modern Japanese clothes washing machines have built-in pumps and long hoses made to drain the tub for washing and rinsing clothes.

Imagine! A family of three might use the same tub of water four times. This is a cultural/technical idea that people in the US should consider adopting as many regions of the US are already suffering from severe water shortages and more will be soon.  As is so often the case, that would mean a change in our way of thinking — how uncomfortable!


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