Little House In Ise

Nidan Shinsa — 弐段審査
December 19, 2007, 22:31
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“Jiyuuwaza,” he said. Sensei called the attacks and wanted “five variations …” He didn’t call for a different attack after the first five so uke and I just kept going… and going, and going… Eventually, sensei moved us on to another attack and, again, said “five variations” but kept watching long after I had demonstrated five. He did that over and over until my uke was dragging. We ran through katatetori gyakuhanmi, katatetori aihanmi (“kosa tori” for some), morotetori, ryotetori, shomen uchi, yokomen uchi and tsuki. I was happy that zagi (suwari waza) wasn’t called but we did finish with kokyu dosa.  I think I did well but I don’t remember details.  I remember finding ikyo a lot but turing it into other things.  I didn’t feel rushed and though I was breathing hard throughout I think that was due more to my chest cold than exhaustion. My poor uke however was shredded.

As feedback, sensei merely said that he’d file my papers in the morning. Not the most spiritual or uplifting announcement of results but it does mean that I passed my nidan shinsa.  What that means is something I’ll have to work on.  Come to think about it, that may be the point.


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Comment by userhacker

Thank you!

Comment by Eric Holcomb

You know what would be helpful to write about? A brief English description of the terms you use. Might that be possible?

Comment by Bette Chavez-Holcomb

I have considered that. I think that will be the topic of my next book…

Comment by Eric Holcomb

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