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禊 — Misogi
December 27, 2007, 16:23
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Training at both Saruta Hiko Jinja Dojo and Obata Sogotaikan Dojo are done for 2007. At both dojo we performed misogi at the end of our last class. In this case, misogi is very similar to what I have always performed at dojo in the US — cleaning! The mats got an extra special scrubbing, dust was dusted and stairs were made slippery. Dirty water and dust have never really struck me as particularly spiritual but I do enjoy the community spirit generated during these events and the Saruta dojo really needed the TLC (what it really needs are new mats).

I got an email from my dojo in Seattle announcing their kangeiko (寒稽古) and I was a little bit envious. Since my local dojo are closed for winter break there is no kangeiko here. I’m jealous. Jealousy aside, it would be fun to see the PSA crowd and train hard with them. In the short term, the only “training” I will be doing will be on my kids’ Wii… Don’t laugh! Any video game that makes kids run in place for ten minute periods, and even makes my daughter do pushups, gets my vote for game of the decade. For me, well, it isn’t a super work-out but the balance training may be worthwhile. At the very least, I’ve always wanted to try yoga and being introduced to it in the form of a video game is about as safe as you can while separated from the sofa. I was pretty psyched that I managed to do the pose making Wii Fit yoga famous, without toppling back onto the sofa…

Even with all this “exercise”, I may still have a belly by the time either dojo opens again. 🙂


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