Little House In Ise

January 11, 2008, 21:08
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Since I am between my last job and my next (it starts 1/28) I have been at home a lot lately and so doing more cooking than I did previously. Normally, when I cook I stick to recipes of the American South-West and South. Recently, however, Megumi has subscribed to a food club. I don’t know how else to describe it. We have a two or three option menu that changes daily. Every day a cooler box filled with fresh food — vegetables, meat, fish, whatever is needed, is delivered to our door. The food matches the needs of the menu for the day and there is a detailed description of how to prepare the meal.

I have to admit that the recipes are written out in a order and manner that I find hard to follow but it is a great way to practice kitchen Japanese. There have been a couple of mistakes that I have made in reading the directions that have impacted the flavor and … presentation… but, but, skipping past details… this is a great way to kill several birds with one stone. We do less grocery shopping, we get fresher food (like going to the store every day) and I learn new “technical jargon”. This is a win and I highly recommend the option for anyone living here.

Shokubun (ショクブン ), from shokubunka (食文化 — dietary culture), is the company that offers this service here in Ise. The chain seems to be centered in Nagoya but I am sure there are other similar companies in other areas. If you’re living in Japan, want to optimize your shopping time, vary your menu or maybe learn to prepare real Japanese food, give it a go! For more information … Google is your friend!


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