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Dojo Storming in Tokyo!
January 17, 2008, 22:40
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I have been having trouble finding an Aikido dojo in Tokyo. My problem, isn’t a lack of options but, rather, an over-abundance. This would seem like a wonderful problem to have but I find it frustrating. I am looking for an excellent (not necessarily famous) Aikikai instructor in a dojo that provides as many classes per week as possible. I don’t know what my work schedule will be but I will need to fit training into it somehow. So far, there are plenty of dojo that sound good but their schedules, in general, seem to be awfully limited. Also, I know where I will be for the next two months, Asakusa (浅草), but where I’ll live when my family finally joins me is still up in the air. I need to find a dojo close enough to home too.

This sounds like an opportunity to do some dojo storming! I won’t be traveling dojo to dojo trying to “run the line” of senior students in order to challenge sensei but I think I will take the opportunity to visit as many different schools in the Tokyo area as I can manage in the next two months.

For completeness sake, the schedule at Aikikai Honbu is wonderful. I am sure that will become my default dojo (and no complaints there) but this is an opportunity that I may never have again! I want to search for the senior deshi of Nishio sensei and Kuroda sensei. I want to visit Tada sensei at the Tada Juku (my wife thought “Tada” meant free and that I was being a bit silly looking for cheap schools 🙂 ), Kobayashi sensei in his dojo and maybe even some of the Daito Ryu folks! Whew!

Ueda sensei of the Mie-Ken Aikidokai has very kindly offered to leave my membership here as “open” so that when I return I can train whenever I like.  For now, Obata will remain my home dojo but I will be packing up my bags in a week and in the big city very soon.

This is getting exciting!


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