Little House In Ise

Morning Practice
January 30, 2008, 17:55
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Between my new job, new apartment and quasi-single life (my family is in Ise until the end of the school year — March), I have had a growing need to do Aikido. Today, I made it to Honbu.

Morning class started at 6:30 and ran for one hour. To make it on time, I prepared my dogi, hakama and work clothes the night before. My Mac chimed at 5:00, I dressed, ate a mikan, dropped off the “non-burnable garbage” and left for the Shin Okachimachi station where I hopped on the Oedo line straigt to Wakamatsu-Cho and Aikikai Honbu Dojo. After paying my fees and dropping off my member card (NOTE: they don’t want your yudansha book, they only need your membership card) I went up to the third floor to change.

Notable differences in training style at Honbu and other dojo I have visited were that 1) you keep the same uke all throughout class and 2) even morning class is packed. I’ve been told that training at honbu also tends to emphasize flow over static training and if my partner today was typical of the school then that is very true. I will see.

Doshu demonstrated a standard set of techniques most from katatedori gyakuhanmi (片手取り逆半身) the one exception was ryotetori kokyunage (両手取り呼吸投げ). We did, ikyo, nikyo, hanmi-handachi shihonage (半身半立ち四方投げ), kotegaeshi, and reverse kotegaeshi. After the koyunage sensei said, jiywaza and so we did … Whew! I’m glad my partner was moving slowly. He was an old guy with a whole lot of ability but REALLY bad eyes. I don’t think he was intentionally dropping me on people — it was _very_ crowded. He really did steal the floor from me on more than one occasion. Eventually, I would find the floor again, at speed, and make meaty thunking noises. That seemed to satisfy him more than it did me. Even so, it was fun working with him.

Finally, if you really want a shower after class at honbu, don’t count on hot water, there is none. FYI …


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