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赤福復活!  Akafuku Returns!
February 9, 2008, 19:07
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The joyful vision of squishing mochi and squishier anko being hand smushed together once again greets (abuses?) the senses of visitors to the Akafuku shop in Okageyokocho Ise (おかげよこ町伊勢). On Wednesday, February 6th, 2008 Akafuku reopened their doors to throngs of tourists and locals armed with cash rather than the expected pitchforks and torches. All in all the company seems to have rebounded quite well from scandal after spending about three million dollars to upgrade equipment and processes for ensuring the accuracy of freshness dates. News from the trenches indicates that three days later the lines have shortened but business is still bustling for the recently bruised 300 year old company. Whew!

On a sad note, the stuff still tastes like shoe polish — to my barbarian palate.

Finally, to those of you who discovered this blog after Googling for “No pan shabu shabu”, I apologize. The first usage of was an attempt at humor. This time it is egregious link baiting…


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ho ho ho ho

Comment by oops

They should setup non-pan airlines. That would really rock 🙂

Comment by Amos

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