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Aikido Pedagogy
February 15, 2008, 16:47
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This is not brown nosing*, I really mean it. I like the way Doshu teaches. Each of his classes seems to be built around a theme. The theme is usually a type of attack — today it was ushiro ryotetori (後ろ両手取り). He usually starts out with a some variation of irimi nage (入り身投げ), moves into ikyo then nikyo and/or sankyo, kotegaeshi and shihonage. Near the end he frequently does moretetori kokyunage (諸手取り呼吸投げ) after which he calls for jiyuwaza (自由技) and then ends with kokyudosa (呼吸動作).

The jiyuwaza portion gives a chance to explore the days work in more detail. The pattern of the techniques and their order also provide a view into what Doshu may think is important. As an example, other than kyokyudosa, morote tori kokyu nage is the only technique we’ve done every day. He clearly thinks it’s important enough to emphasize a lot. It was not on my radar as something of great importance before but now it is.

Every day is a new basic movement and the techniques cover the basics of the Aikido palette. I find that this sort of teaching methodology works well for me.

* Cultural note: The Japanese phrase equivalent to, “Brown nosing” is “goma suri” (ゴマすり) meaning “grinding sesame”.


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The Indian equivalent is “buttering up”. 🙂

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