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No More Tele-Parenting!
March 24, 2008, 13:34
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With Megumi and the kids in Ise and me here in Tokyo, I have been depending on Skype for my daily fix of family. Every night after work the first thing I do when get back to my “mansion” is to skype home. Usually Ray will answer. With a quick, “Hi papa” and a wave he’ll quickly go back to homework or his dinner. I miss my kids waaay more than they miss me. Sometimes though, they’ll be patient and sit in front of the computer and tell me a bit about their day. Rikimaruo-kun was mean, Ryo-kun got a new video game, Yume-chan won’t play tag if Maya-chan is going to play, etc… I eat up every word.

The other night Megumi was doing something upstairs, Ray had gone to bed early and Kokoro was having trouble with her homework. She sat in front of the computer and held her book up to the camera so I could try to figure out why she was upset. My little Sweet-Heart understood the problem and had gotten it right but when Ray had checked her work he had marked one problem and it was bothering her to tears. We played Simon-says, taking turns being Simon, until she calmed down enough to explain what was wrong. I just wanted to hug her but that technology is not yet available — even on Macintosh.

But it is over, my family moves to Tokyo this week. I will go back to Ise tomorrow (Tuesday) and we should all be in the big city by the weekend. As much as I appreciate Skype, I look forward to having my family together again. They are all going to be tired of random hugs before the week is out!


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I can’t imagine how hard it’s been to be living in one place while your family is another. I’m glad to hear that everyone will together again!

Comment by aikithoughts

Reading this brought tears to my eyes. But I’m so glad that they will finally join you in Tokyo.

BTW, I meant to say thank you for having us last September. Please say hi to Megumi and the kids, if they still remember us 🙂

Comment by Ning

How wonderful it will be for Ita & Pan to see & talk to them and Megumi when they get to Tokyo!

Comment by Ita

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