Little House In Ise

Dr. Pervy
April 13, 2008, 12:47
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Ray and I were biking around the other day when he mentioned that he was thirsty. It was a short ride home so I said we could wait until then to get something to drink. Ray knows me very well so the next vending machine we passed he announced loudly “Oooh look, they have Dr. Pepper!” Simple but effective manipulation that I fell for immediately.

I finally figured out how they managed to make a market for a product in country where most people think it tastes like medicine: Anime porn! You don’t believe me? Here are some pics that I took of the can …

Like other simple, effective manipulation it works for me too.  I bought two more. 😉


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Is your family there with you now? Or were you visiting them or they you? Tmc

Comment by Auntie T

Lol, great marketing strategy! I’m guessing Japan? Yep, what a better way to market to men of all ages than using hentai (anime porn) – never fails 🙂

Comment by The Accidental Aikidoist

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