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Not Bad for Seventh Dan …
April 18, 2008, 13:07
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I want to switch to real mountain climbing. At least you get to see the top occasionally. If you happen to fall off a real mountain it can’t possibly hurt as much as a fall from the meta-physical. Physical pain is tolerable to a point but frustration and impatience are hard devils to tame. I want to push them off the fucking mountain. Sometimes it seems as though they are all that are pushing me up it.

After a fairly normal Honbu practice I got in line to be thrown around by the ki wizards. Usually, I find one who will throw me and sometimes try to show me how to do their special brand of not-quite magic. This time however, I was thrown and thrown and thrown some more for good measure. After that I was passed onto another nage for yet more with a comment about “We don’t rest in Aikido”. After finishing two rounds with shihan, each of uncounted many throws from absolutely random waza, with a short but grueling round with a sempai (who graciously did the same throw repeatedly) in between, I was dragging butt. Blowing wind like a smoker in a marathon, I hauled my soggy, rag-doll self to the edge of the mat and plopped down hard.

David, who had been watching the fun, laughed at me and said, “He’s not at all bad for a seventh dan is he?” Nope, not bad at all. But, but… How does he do it?


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It wasn’t by any chance Seki sensei ysrtd night, or do you go in the mornings only? When I was his uke in aikido gakko some time ago, I did not understand at all what happened to me… and simple ikkyo it was!

ah. and I was really considering sleeping long tomorrow. but the sentence “we don’t rest in Aikido” changed my mind (which in this case is very easily swayed to go). by the way, will you be there for Tada sensei on Sunday?

Thank you for the entertainment! And the little blog-lessons..

Comment by Kadi

Hi Kadi!

Glad to be a positive influence! Nope, it was Yamashima Shihan. He does kokyunage that I appreciate but can’t even pretend to understand. When he says, “Here, now you go try it” I know that I’m not doing the same thing but am happy if I can just keep uke moving.

I will have to miss Tada sensei (again! 😦 ) as there is a speach contest I “must” attend.

See ya!

Comment by Eric Holcomb

Hi, Eric. Enjoyed reading your daring trials and tribulations in Yamashima Shihan although I don’t even know how to pretend I understand what the heck you’re talking about. Suffice to say, I got every 3 or four words & 1 concept. Is foul language legal on the internet? Take care. Just Skyped w/ your folks awhile ago. Later, Love Tmc

Comment by Auntie T


Thanks for reading. I checked various networking RFCs and from what I can see, vulgarity is not only acceptable but on layers 2 and 3 it is part of the protocols. Layers 4 through 7 (especially 7) use vulgarity for various purposes and in many forms (sexual, religious and excretory are all preferred but there are variations used by DNS that are less common). So, in answer to your question … RTFM! 😉

Much love,

Comment by Eric Holcomb

Hey Eric – genki?

Honestly, “we don’t rest in Aikido” scares me.
But I am glad you are enjoying it – and not me.
I guess I used to be a Japanese, but I dropped out…

Hope everyone in your family is good, happy, and maybe shiny, too.

Comment by Tomo

Hi Tomo!

How’s your hula? Still swinging? 🙂 I saw that Facebook thinks of you and Olaf as friends. That is really momentus! Congratulations!

Yup, I’m genki as denki and the family is doing well too.

That particular instructor is actually quite gentle. His sensei, who also taught my sensei in Mie, was famously fearsome. It’s amazing to me that one man described by so many as a monster produced so many gentle-giants.

Comment by Eric Holcomb

Re. La Tia Teresa. This blog is begining
to sound like slashdot.RTFM may be proper
Aikido terminology.

Comment by Pan

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