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May 2, 2008, 13:40
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I’m in the hospital library firing off a quick post.  Not a particulalry exciting one and rather annoying for me. The local docs (sensei) removed my appendix on Monday evening.  They’ve given me dire warnings about not training for a month.  It can’t be a month!  The Uchi-Deshi dudes are training with broken backs and crap like that!  This was just a useless little sausage casing!  Grrr!

OK, tantrum over.  I will be patient and report from the sidelines.  This may mean more pictures for folks who are interested in what Honbu looks like on the inside.


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(: Hola, you too? Yesterday half of the beginners’ aikido gakko was limping, me too after the Tuesday’s no-practice day, after all possible days. But can’t blame the aiki jinja and iwama and sake and red wine that filled this day, must’ve been an earlier jump. Fall. Whatnot. Thanks for the encouragement though, and back at you! The story about training with broken back helps, so I’ll stop whining and hope to be back with lively left leg after the “golden”-no-aikido-week… 🙂

Comment by Kadi

Hope you recover quickly! Are you going to
watch training (kengaku?) Maybe you’ll
notice things you don’t usually when
you are training.

Comment by Laurel


How was Iwama? Sounds as though you had fun!

Thank you! Yes, I plan to do kengaku. Somehow watching is never quite as satisfying as doing so we’ll see how long that lasts.

Comment by Eric Holcomb

Iwama was amazing, you must come next year. The view, the Viewer(s), the wine and wonders, eh.
I tried semi-kengaku in the middle of yestrd morning practice, but could not hold myself back for more than one technique, knee or no knee. though you won’t have a chance to join in without wearing your gi so I suggest doing kengaku and wearing your gi anyway, just in case 😉

take care!

Comment by Kadi

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