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The Kids @ The 46th All Japan Aikido Demonstration
May 24, 2008, 23:36
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Two days ago we realized that the kids were expected to participate in the Aikido demonstration at the Budokan. We hadn’t really paid any attention to the leaflet that came from the dojo. We knew the kids weren’t eligible to test so didn’t read further than that. It turns out that we missed a quite a bit… Oops. So, the kids had their debut at the Nippon Budokan today. It turned out well. Ray knew the techniques and just did what was asked. Kokoro didn’t know what was going on so she just did ukemi the whole time. Her partner was confused at first but didn’t seem to mind once she caught on. Here are a few pics.

Ray, front row left, doing Shihonage from yokmenuchi.

Ray at 2008 All Japan Aikido Demonstration

Ray at 2008 All Japan Aikido Demonstration

Ray at 2008 All Japan Aikido Demonstration

Kokoro was on left side of the middle of the little kids mat.

There were other people demonstrating too…

I like this one of Doshu and his son.


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Great shots! Tokyo was a lot of fun, eh? I am just around the corner from you in Ise. You work with Ueda sensei? I have heard good things about him, never met him personally.
Great site, glad I found it!

Comment by Steven

Howdy Steven,

Dang! You’re a smidge late! I moved to Tokyo in January and my family followed a couple of months later. I haven’t changed this blog’s name mostly out of sentiment but also because I don’t want to “re-brand”.

Yeah, I was training with Ueda Shihan at the Saruta Hiko Jinja dojo and at Obata. In fact, I am offically a member taking a leave of absense 🙂 . BTW, the pics of Obata in your blog are nice! I miss the space a lot.

There was some sort of weird politcal split between the various instructors in Ise years back. Ueda sensei never talked about the other Aikikai group in Ise so I’m sort of surprised that you have heard of him. Weird stuff! Too bad we couldn’t train together there. However, if you get a chance to come to Hombu again, drop me a line and we can hook up for some rolling around!


Comment by Eric Holcomb

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