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The Hardest Falls in Aikido
June 3, 2008, 10:39
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It had to come some time. This is my first “Top Whatever” list. I’m sure throngs of Diggers will pick it to pieces… Ha! Anyway, these are the falls that give me the most grief — especially with a new partner or someone I know I don’t trust.

4) Kubinage 首投げ
This is a trust issue, if I don’t know my nage I don’t like to do this one as my neck connects several of my favorite parts.

3) Aikiotoshi 合気落とし
The height of the fall isn’t the problem.  Landing properly has always been a bit of a challenge for me since I tend to land on my tail bone (yet another favorite part). Getting clobbered with an aikiotoshi during randori is harsh.

2) High fall from Jujinage 十字投げから飛び受身
Having my arms completely bound up as I am thrown makes me nervous.   I’ll take the fall but I really like to know if the other guy is going to release my hands at the other end of the throw (they don’t have too).

1) High fall from Shihonage 四方投げから飛び受身
Even if I know and trust nage this one still gives me the shakes. The reports indicating that Shihonage is a killer technique, added to the very awkward angle make it my least favorite high fall.

What about you?


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Aikiotoshi doesn’t bother me as much as koshi nage.
I don’t think there’s a name for the one that really gets me (two injuries so far). Call it “Notulisteningu”. The instructor indicates that for a particular technique we are to go slowly, and uke should cooperate and not resist at all. Then nage dashes uke to the ground as though we were doing normal practice. Not appreciated.

Comment by lukasa

Ooo! Notlisteningu nage… ne! That’s a pain in many favorite parts.


Comment by Eric Holcomb

[…] click here to read entire […]

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The hardest one for me has always been Iriminage, ki no nagare, the type where nage draws you out in a large arc. Nage has too much liberty as far and when and where and how he can throw you. Kubinage is another. I usually go ahead and “fall ahead” of the throw, so as to save my neck (like that pun?).

Comment by autrelle

Koshinage – Mainly because I am quite large and I worry about crushing people trying to throw me.

Juji – Had a close call with my head skimming the mat on the way down, never really gotten to grips with that.

Comment by Scott

Shiho Koshinage, no doubt, when not trusting my tori. And that, with an all beginers class, is an issue…

Comment by flintstone

How about Ganseki otoshi?
Koshi nage ikkyo kara is also problematic.

Comment by Ranko

I don’t remember ever being thrown from Ganseki Otoshi — I wasn’t even familiar with the name. I googled it and found that youtube video. It does look like a tough fall to take! Ouch!

Comment by Eric Holcomb

I think it was supposed to be a neck-breaking technique. There’s a wonderful photo of Ganseki Otoshi on the cover of Saito Sensei’s Volume 4 with the uke about 4 feet off the floor and completely upside down. It shows the technique from shomen-uchi inside. It doesn’t show the uke landing though….


Comment by Chris Reid

My sensei taught us very strong basics how to land with koshinage, etc. Basically when you land your feet “slap out” causing your pelvis to rise off the mat and prevent injury. Therefore with jujinage not having your hands is not a proble – if you’re comfortable with your ukemi. Which I could show you-hard to w/ email. Maybe email you with a brief video? In gassho, Mark

Comment by Mark

Yes! It is hard to describe Aikido techniques in words! 😉 Please, if you find a video, I would be interested in seeing what you are talking about.

Happy rolling!

Comment by Eric Holcomb

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