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What Habits?
August 26, 2008, 16:59
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Summer vacation is over and I am back in Tokyo. The city is cooling off. This week has been the most pleasant for training in months. Even so, with even a slightly energetic partner it’s not hard to work up a good sweat. Today I worked with a young woman who had so much energy, flexibility and general martial bounciness that I was soaked with sweat very quickly. I could not keep up with her so I tried to set a pace that worked for me but didn’t frustrate her too much (she has “Kill Bill” intensity in a much shorter package). At any rate, we achieved a balance that seemed to work.

Afterward, we chatted a bit and at some point I mentioned that one of my goals for my training at Honbu was to rid myself of bad Aikido habits. It was a simple enough statement that I have made many times in the past but she jumped on it. She wanted to know exactly what habits I meant…

Everyone has bad habits but for the life of me I couldn’t think of a decent response. That one simple question has sent me running through the Aikido card-catalog in my head trying to figure out what exactly I want to fix! Without a clear awareness of what is broken fixing anything is tough. Apply palm directly to forehead!

Going to class and imitating sensei is a fine approach to learning but to really “level up” a specific focus on details eventually becomes necessary. I know what techniques (general areas anyway) are my weakest but what about bad habits? So, my new goal, find and fix specific bad Aikido habits.


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