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Dr. Pervy II
August 31, 2008, 20:26
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Biking home today Megumi spotted a 100 yen shop and we had to stop.  As we wandered around I heard the kids giggling in excitement about something. Kokoro ran up to me and announced, “They have a new picture! Come see!” and ran off. I had no clue what she meant but figured I’d better find out. She led me to the beverage section and pointed to a rack of Dr. Pepper. I groaned. The kids had found a new grotesque on the label and decided that Papa NEEDED to know about it. SO, Here is some more freaky advertising from Japan for your entertainment…

There was another new bit of anime art as well but that was a bit too over-the-top so I decided against posting it.

This blog has been brought to you by the caffeine in Dr. Pervy…

So, when do my product placement earnings start rolling in?


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Hey Eric –

Sorry I could not see you while in Seattle – but I am glad to know you had fun 🙂

So, how did this Dr.Pepper taste? Same?

Comment by tomohoku

Hiya Hula Girl!

The Dr.P is the same stuff inside. It still makes me happy that I can buy it Tokyo. Now, if I could just find Fig Newtons this vast collection of humanity would be that much closer to being “home”.

Stay out of trouble!


Comment by Eric Holcomb

Lol this is awesome! (not the porn, just the marketing strategy 😉 and kudos for the Dr. Pepper link that you gave me, thank you!

Comment by The Accidental Aikidoist

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