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Looking in the Mirror
September 11, 2008, 18:57
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My partner had been one of the tough-as-nails old guys who inevitably leave an impression on me — often after using my face to make an impression on the mat. One of the other foreigner, morning class regulars asked what I had thought of him. As it turns out, I not only thought quite highly of the guy, I had given it bit of thought before he asked.

The fellow who had asked made an interesting observation about my partner, “He’s a mirror”. So, another well timed comment sent me down a rabbit-hole of Aikido related introspection. I’ve often thought that it would be educational to train with a clone of myself. My flaws and failings (flailings?), incorrect space and timing would all become obvious. I figure this clone would also be willing to redo techniques until we both were happy with the outcome. Each repetition polishing the techniques until they were smooth and “correct”.

That’s not what this particular mirror was about. He was a mirror of energy and intention. The energy you put into your attack was exactly what you would get out on the other end of his technique. Slow and direct attacks would yield slow and controlled waza. Fast and hard attacks yielded fast and hard responses including a lot of atemi. His was an excellent example of deeply martial Aikido.

Looking into this kind of mirror is beyond rewarding. It is truly educational.


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