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Grilled Cabbage and Cheese Sando
September 23, 2008, 16:22
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As promised on Aikithoughts, here is Megumi’s killer grilled cabbage sandwich. No really, it’s good.

Whole-wheat or multi-grain bread (whatever is healthy that your kid normally won’t eat)
Finely shredded cabbage (a handful per sandwich)
Cheese (American cheese-like-product works fine)
Ham or wiener chunks (small, finding them is fun)
1:1 mix of mayo and ketchup

1) Butter two pieces of bread
2) Pile cabbage on the non-buttered side.
3) Add mayo/ketchup mix to cabbage (Not too much, the cabbage gets juicy when it cooks)
4) Add meatie chunks to the mess
5) Top with cheese
6) Add final piece of bread.
7) In our house we have a sandwich grilling tool. It is like a metal clam that preserves the shape of the sandwich while cooking evenly and retaining heat. Pan frying as you would do for any old grilled sandwich is fine. The only point that needs to made is the cabbage needs to be cooked till it is squishy so that the kids won’t recognize that you’re trying to sneak something healthy(ish) into their diet.

Serve with a chilled 1994 Oregon Pinot Noir… er … sorry wrong recipe. Give them whatever you normally give them.



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