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The Path to Enlightenment …
October 27, 2008, 11:39
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… is paved with inch thick mats.

… is paved with tatami.

… is paved with Zebra mats. (unpaid endorsement)

… should have a sprung floor.

… is an excellent place to roll.

… is unpaved.

… passes fewer taverns than you’d expect.

… is never paved with absolutes.

… is paved by the determined works of an inspired seeker.

… broken parts.

… self knowledge.

I saw the first of these on a poster in a Kokikai dojo years ago. When I woke up this morning it was stuck in my head like a musical earworm. A little googling and the worm is now gone.


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What happened to good intentions, or is that too trite?

Comment by Ita

Wasn’t that “the path to Hell”? Not being a Christian and all I had seperated the two as different concepts. That said, I am willing to entertain other views on the subject.

Comment by Eric Holcomb

Oh, yeah, what a mistake! Thanks for straightening that out. I love your path and the good intentions that surround it.
(: Ita

Comment by Ita

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