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Recent Stuff at Honbu
December 22, 2008, 18:42
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I’ve been busy and so haven’t a single coherent thought to write about. Instead, here is a potpouri of Aikikai Honbu Dojo related “stuff”.

1) Morning Class Bonenkai (忘年会: forget the year party):
The location was the same as the last Morning class party and the format was similar. It was neat to see everyone wearing regular clothing and talk about Aikido with all the old foggies, pros and the occasional wannabe (me). Doshu’s speech seemed to be directed at me (isn’t that always the feeling?). His theme this time was, “If you want to learn from me, just watch what I’m doing and then do the same thing …” Ummm… yeah, I’ve been getting right on that all year and it’s still not quite gelling.

2) Pre-Test Class:

Back falls x 100
Forward rolls across mat x 6
Back rolls across mat x 6
Shiko across mat x 6
Spinning shiko across mat x 6
Shomen uchi ikyo x lots
Yokomen uchi ikyo x lots
Shomen uchi shihonage x lots
Ushiro ryote dori sankyo x lots
Kyokyu dosa x lots

Kids’ class is tough!

3) Kids testing:
No video, no cameras, no parents, OH NO?!?! The doors are closed at the start of class and parents get to hear the dramatic tales of perfect/botched waza from their kids semi frantic perspective. Can we FINALLY watch Narnia now?

4) More on Yonkyo Omote:
Start with a solid ikyo making certain the hand near uke’s wrist is well above the joint so the wrist can’t bend. Sword cut into position, use your forward knee to assist the pressure your yonkyo hand applies to the meaty part of uke’ forearm. Simultaneously lift and pull their wrist. The key point is to make certain that both of nage’s hands do not move in the same direction as though pushing a stick. The slight lift/pull by the hand on uke’s wrist turns their into a lever with the yonkyo finger as the fulcrum. Inakoshi sensei with his Yoda-like presence (and power) managed to cause severe pain but did not leave me with welts. Usually, I end up with enormous welts but experience little pain.

5) Clash of the Titans:
Recently two of the more hard-core members of differing schools-of-thought in the Honbu Dojo Morning class ended up paired off. Both are silver-haired fellows who are around fifth or sixth dan. Both are also very physical with one famous for his athletic ukemi and the other for his aggressive atemi. This was the first time I had seen them training together. One is a left mat kind of guy and the other is pretty strictly right mat (that’s just the way it is). This time, they met in the middle and the thumping was VIGOROUS! It was pretty easy to see that they were giving each other a LOT of resistance and all techniques were hard fought. I’d never seen old bulls training together like this before! Watching them do jiyu waza was pretty amazing and a little frightening — for bystanders!


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