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2009年本部道場初稽古 – 2009 Honbu Dojo Hatsugeiko
January 7, 2009, 18:41
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The first morning practice of the year was held on January 6th. Unlike most morning classes this one started with all of Honbu Dojo Shihan present. They lined up in front of the shomen and spanned the mat with the most senior by the windows and the most junior by the door. Wakasensei sat in front of them all and thanked us for our hard work in the old year and congratulated us on the new year. He looked his title, young and perhaps a bit nervous, but he did his job well.

The mat was crowded with almost equal proportions of Aikikai dignitaries, college students (mostly from the nearby Waseda Daigaku) and morning class regulars. The theme was Yokomenuchi and there was no departure from the normal rhythm of Honbu morning class. It was a very good way to start the Aikido new year.


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Just found your blog. Good reading and makes me want to be back there!! Hope you enjoyed your trip to Iwama with Inakoshi sensei. I did it a couple of times with him and always had a great class with Inagaki sensei.
I’ve been back in the UK for 6 months now;doesn’t time fly?
Take care and I will see you back at Hombu dojo very soon.


Comment by David Yates

Howdy Dave!

Good to hear from you. I look forward to seeing you again. My current plan is to stay to at least March of 2010 after that I’ll have to see how the world is turning before making any decisions.

BTW, I’ve dropped your name a couple of times on this blog so if you google yourself it might pop up.

Take care!


PS Please send my regards to Sean and Lucy.

Comment by Eric Holcomb

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