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Ukemi (by Aida Mitsuo)
February 27, 2009, 22:28
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受身 (相田みつを 作)


   Ukemi (by Aida Mitsuo trans. by me)

The basis of Judo is ukemi
Ukemi is the practice of rolling
The practice of losing
The practice of being embarassed in front of others


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Hey, you’ve really broken some ground writing about aikido online. I’m supposed to write something for the Brooklyn Aikikai blog but haven’t thought of a topic I feel I have something useful to say about.

Anyway, this haiku made me think of my test. I was pretty embarrassed to feel like I could only remember about 5% of my training. I really did train hard for it though. I passed pending my getting my nikkyo solid and teaching a class focused on that technique this Friday.

Thanks for your encouragement on my blog, I look forward to reading more of yours.

Comment by aderkon

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