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Another Washout
March 4, 2009, 21:42
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Test results were posted last night and, once again, there was not a single 参段(sandan)candidate who passed. More and more I have gotten the feeling that the 3 dan test is a barrier that Honbu has set very high. OK, maybe it should be obvious that the test would be tough but I had hoped that as it approached that my confidence might improve and it would seem less daunting. In fact, it seems that this path is leading to a rougher and rougher trail — a nasty traverse high above a scree slope…

Melodrama aside, the test results firmly pulled my head out of my latest spat of internal maundering. On the inside I have been maintaining the conceit that I am mostly ready for my 3 dan test and all that is left is the training time book-keeping. However, I have trained pretty hard with a couple of the 3 dan candidates and felt that we were pretty well matched in skills. So, if they didn’t pass that means that I probably would not have either…

Damn… reality checks can hurt. How is it that my ego grew so fast? Damn! Ten more months and they are NOT going to be book-keeping… I want to go train right NOW!


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Too bad about your testing, Eric. It seems like honbu is set on slowing down advancement. It was just a little while ago that they extended promotion time by another year for me. Nothing to do but roll with it! 😉

Comment by Eddie deGuzman

🙂 Fortunately it wasn’t my test — just me comparing myself to the folks who did test. My test will be in December so I will keep on rolling until then.

Your extension sounds cruel!

See you Sunday!

Comment by Eric Holcomb

Sorry Eric, too much rolling around mixes me up! ‘My’ extension was just honbu changing the time period for everyone. Nothing personal.(I don’t think.)

Looking forward to it!

Comment by Eddie deGuzman

[…] discovering that Aikikai Honbu uses 3 dan as a wall of sorts, I realized that if I wanted to pass I would have to focus a lot more intently than I had been […]

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