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Tada Sensei
April 25, 2009, 16:26
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It has been a couple of weeks since I attended a seminar with Tada Sensei and I am still mulling over what he presented. The technical end was practical and I can see immediately how I WANT to learn his Aikido. Though it may have been the philosophical and spiritual portion of the presentation that held the most important element of what he was teaching, it was also where I lagged behind.

On the practical, physical level, the focus of Tada Sensei’s presentation was footwork. Most of the time moving (mostly, he lectured) was spent doing footwork drills unfamiliar to most of the attendees. The first couple were fairly simple with movements that most aikidoka would recognize if not know the names for. But the drills became more and more complex. Even with his deshi, familiar with the choreography, sprinkled throughout the crowd, it was as hard for the uninitiated to follow as any new dance step. There were many collisions, apologies and stomped toes. Actually, it was frustrating.

My frustration was not of the, “Oh it’s too hard, I don’t get it” variety. It was clear from about the second set of steps that I was not going to be able to retain much. My frustration had more to do with wondering where I could find someone from whom I could study this stuff. My interest was due to the way Tada Sensei’s deshi moved. That Sensei would be tremendous was no surprise but the smooth almost effortless gliding movements of his college-student deshi was a clear indicator to me that these drills are powerful learning and teaching tools. They seem aimed at training spontaneous and martially valid movement especially well geared for jiyu-waza and randori.

On the philosophical level Sensei told us that the following concepts were the most important in Japanese Budo. This is where I have to fall back on reporting as my understanding is limited.

Knowledge and real experience regarding the movement of the spirit:

心 → 対象
    Spirit —> Target
Focus, Unity, Absorption
To be in harmony with (or so claims the dictionary,
I have always read it differently
心 ← 対象


    Spirit <— Target
Concentration, Capture, Attachment

Sensei left us with some light cleaning and me with a desire to delve further into his teachings.


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We spoke a few weeks ago about Aikido, and I wanted to tell you that I’ve been studying at a dojo here in Seoul, and I’ve really taken a liking to it over the past three weeks since I started. Thanks for the encouragement, and keep writing!

Comment by aaronwonders


I attend the Honbu Dojo, where do you find information on seminars in Japan, like the one you posted now.


Comment by Ilan

Hi Ilan,

There were notices posted about it on the second floor whiteboard and the bulletin board by the stairs on the first floor. Right now, Honbu is gearing up for the All Japan Aikido Demonstration on May 23.

The Honbu calendar is also a good reference.

Take care,

Comment by Eric Holcomb

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