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Shinjuku Cosmic Center / 新宿コスミックセンター
May 9, 2009, 22:30
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A group of Honbu Dojo regulars rent out the #1 Dojo at the Shinjuku-Ku Cosmic center on irregular Saturdays. Usually the training focuses on items required on tests that are rarely or never covered in classes at Honbu itself. The classic example is multiple attacker randori. It is required above black belt but it is simply not taught! So, Cosmic Center is where these extras can be tacked on.

The mat opens at 9:00 though no-one shows up until around 9:30. This gives plenty of time to take both morning classes on the Honbu 3rd floor and then haul ass (10 minutes by bicycle) to the Cosmic Center for additional training. The group has the mat until noon so there is plenty of time to abuse oneself on those Saturdays when it is reserved. Since it is not reserved every Saturday, the problem of “when” is a toughie. Almost all pre-test weekends will be reserved and almost all post-test weekends will not. So, if you are interested in going but are not sure if it is open, ask around, the news is spread mostly by word-of-mouth.

The cost is 1,000 yen but if you are preparing for a test, the additional practice and attention to test related details that sempai (5th dan senpai) provide are extremely helpful. Also, they have a wealth of experience actually taking tests at Honbu so if you are concerned about etiquette or practices that might differ from your home dojo, these are the people to ask.

To everyone testing: Good luck, stay relaxed and try to keep your feet from going numb while waiting for your turn!

Happy rolling!


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Thanks for this information, and also thanks again for your wonderful blog.
Hoping to visit Hombu Dojo and Cosmic Dojo in November when I fly from Israel to Japan…

Gambate ne 🙂

Comment by Ze'ev Erlich

Howdy Ze’ef,

Thank you for reading! I visited your dojo’s page but I am afraid that I can’t read it (I seem to be starting from the wrong side of the page :-)) but I look forward to reading Budo Thought.

Also, I look forward to meeting you in November. You may find the regular Honbu classes more interesting than the open mat at Cosmic center. The focus their really is test prep.

Take care,

Comment by Eric Holcomb

[…] taught knife disarming. I had never seen him do that before — excellent! After that I ran to Cosmic Center to train some more. This time it was not for open-mat with the usual suspects but to attend a weapons disarming […]

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