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June 8, 2009, 18:11
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The Mad Danes were here for three weeks or so but have gone home leaving tussled ukes and amused smiles in their wake. The laughter and abuse from Selene, pounding and high falls from Johnny and Thomas made their visit wonderful fun. While Lene was recovering from a bout of “too much coffee”, Johnny and Thomas visited Cosmic center after a class and we did some fast randori. Another good friend, Patrice, commented after watching the randori training that they looked like vikings! 🙂 Thomas (a chiropractor/chief instructor) even fixed my neck and shoulder after I twisted it (short boring story –don’t ask). I look forward to seeing them next year!

Taking their place in my narrow little world is a friend from Ise who has come to live as an Uchi Deshi for a month or so. Ueda Shihan, my sensei, asked me to look after him while he is in Tokyo. The poor guy is from Ise (the sticks) and this is his first time in Tokyo. He is intimidated by the place, the people and Honbu itself. Considering the fact that he is training four times a day (starting from 6:30 with Doshu) and doing uchi-deshi style drudge work (on his first day he announced that he just finished cleaning the toilets and could train now), he is doing pretty darn well. I loaned him my bike which made him nearly ecstatic as it enormously extended the range of places he can eat. 🙂

I’ll be heading back to the US for a week or so and hope to catch up with Aikido buddies there too. I probably will only be forgiven one trip to a dojo so where and when to go are going to be issues. I’d like to drop by Dave’s place and pay a visit to the PSA but can’t be sure that my free time will match up with their class time. At any rate, I want to show of my new skirt!

Happy rolling!


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Funny, it seems that your randori in the cosmic center found it’s way to youtube:

BTW – do you happen to know whether Masuda Seijuro sensei lead a demonstration in this year’s aikido demonstration? I’m looking for videos of him, but without any success.

Comment by ziv k


I had not seen that. Thank you! Those are the Mad Danes alright!

Happy rolling,

Comment by Eric Holcomb

Your number was conveniently left home this morning, for the phone call, could you send it to me again?

Thank you 🙂

Comment by virtueality

Hi Mr Chavez !

Message from the Mad Danes !
We know where you practice Aikido and we will be back next year to abuse you even more! 🙂

You will receive an e-mail from us with pictures and more abuse soon….

De bedste sommerhilsner
Lene and Thomas

Comment by Selene

Kyaaaaa! Where on there internet can I hide? 🙂

I am looking forward to seeing and hearing more from you! Take care!


Comment by Eric Holcomb

Here are more pictures and videos from Thomas and Lene…

Japan Visit


Yokota-sensei and Honbu Crew

Thomas’s Randori at Cosmic Center

Comment by Eric Holcomb

We greatly enjoyed your visit to our dojo. Vic, in particular, keeps talking about “that guy who threw really hard and kept threatening to hit you in the head.” I have, for the record, asked him to simply refer to you as Eric. The “throwing really hard and hitting me in the head” part can be implied.

Hope you visit again soon!

Comment by Dave

Thanks Dave!

It was a nice visit. I am glad that I finally got to see your “new” dojo. It it is a very nice space and your students seem very serious and interested — both of which reflect well on both you and them (IMHO).

Please give my regards to Vic, Sean (if he’s around), Benjamin, Jenn, Hanna and Max!

BTW, if you’re ever in Tokyo I would be more than happy to show you the sights!

Take care,

Comment by Eric Holcomb

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