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The Best Aikido on TV
July 6, 2009, 17:10
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This week’s episode of Sanma’s Karakuri TV had a wonderful Aikido demonstration. The show has a regular segment in which a small group of elementary-school/junior-high aged girls, shepherded by a male interviewer, visit businesses run by women. The girls then “interview” women from the various businesses. The premise is that this is all to help determine what kind of jobs the kids would like when they grow up. Since this is a Japanese comedy show, you might guess that the real goal here isn’t empowerment. The kids tend to come up with the most ridiculously embarrassing questions so the audience gets to laugh as the women being interviewed squirm. How this relates to Aikido is AWESOME.

This week the woman they interviewed runs a candy shop and, right up to the end, all her questions had been pretty softball. Finally one of the girls asked if the woman was worried about getting fat. She responded quite seriously that it was a real concern but she did Aikido regularly and so it wasn’t a problem. The little girls thought this sounded cool and asked her for a demonstration.

The candy shop lady agreed but said that she would need a volunteer to help. At this point all of the little girls literally turned on their shepherd. No matter how good the candy was THEY weren’t about to risk it. After a little hemming and hawing the guy agreed. So, still wearing her long white lab coat (pharmacist style) she said the Japanese equivalent of, “OK, grab my wrist, no, HARDER, yeah like that…” Then she cranked his arm and laid him flat on his back with a very clean shihonage omote. The interviewer was SHOCKED. It brought tears of joy to my eyes!

I don’t know if the kids learned anything about the candy business but I am certain they will remember what happened to the big guy who grabbed the candy shop lady!


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Oh, Eric, that is priceless! Thanks for writing this up. Where else could we have such a wonderful look at a culture that celebrates such a wholesome activity?

Carino, Ita

Comment by Ita

Hi Mama!

Megumi and the kids are big fans and record the show every week. They were super excited to see Aikido as an answer to one of the questions (it is sort of a game-show too). They saved the episode for me and I howled with glee when she put the interviewer dude down.


Comment by Eric Holcomb

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