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September 6, 2009, 15:04
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I have been off the mat due to a knee injury for about three weeks. Last week I made an aborted attempt at returning to train but found the pain to be too much and took the rest of the week off. Trying to do my best lemons-to-lemonade response to adversity I spent the now available late nights doing OS upgrades on my home network and catching up with Cajun vampire adventures on TV. The TV is a good excuse to rest, ice, compress and elevate my knee but really, I would have preferred to be at the dojo.

So, yesterday I went back and though my knee was aching afterward, it was excellent! My partner was a young Russian man who, though matching my size, was probably ten kilos heavier. It was a pleasure to work with such an athletic young guy who was not only willing but able to “kick it up a notch”. It was good fun all around.

The only down-side to the whole evening was that I completely shredded my dogi. I bought this dogi when we moved back to Japan in 2006 and have used it very hard ever since. The collar has been threadbare for ages and there are small holes in the shoulders. Still, it has been my favorite. Last night, however, it became ventilated.

I threw a pretty hard shomen strike at my partner who responded with a very nice ikyo omote. I heard cloth tearing but didn’t bother to look down. From that point on every twist of my upper body was accompanied by fart-like tearing noises — embarrassing to say the least. By the end of class I had a twenty centimeter hole under my left armpit and another somewhat smaller one under the right. It was ruined.

So what to do with the old gi? The thing would obviously have to go into burnable garbage (it didn’t fit any of the other garbage categories) but that seems like a waste. Megumi isn’t a seamstress and other than patches for my other gi I can’t really think of another use for it. So far, the only idea that appealed to me has been cutting it up into cloth diapers but there are no nearby green babies to use them…

How do you re-use/recycle has-been dogi?


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Make it into soft knee-pads, it will help with two problems…

You`re welcome! 😉

Comment by virtueality

Thank you! 🙂


Comment by Eric Holcomb

Sorry, just catching up on your Blog. Busy times these days. Re: your problem: how about saving it for your old mama? I can think of lots of uses for it: patches, knee pads, kitchen towels, dish rags, etc.

Comment by Ita

Turn into a jedi costume the Cloak will cover the holes… Good

Comment by MarioGiMo

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