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Just Showing Up
September 9, 2009, 16:40
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Today marked my 300th day of training at Honbu. It is one of the easier hurdles to cross before I can test for 3 dan. I will submit my application in the next couple of months and then see how that goes. For now, I am reveling in achieving this minor goal.

When asked how to achieve a goal that takes repetition, effort and patience, I have given the (non-original) advice to “mark the calendar”. Days when I have done my thing get marked. Days when I slack do not. The goal isn’t to get to some huge number but to maintain continuous blocks on the calendar. An unbroken string of consecutive days of effort becomes harder to break when viewed as a line of Xs on a calendar. Achieving mini goals such as “keeping it going” or “extending the longest unbroken streak” is easier than shooting for the huge number of reps. Success then breeds success.

One of my sempai, a 7 dan shihan (in Doshu’s class he is “sempai”), recently mentioned that he now has more than 8500 days of training at Honbu. I can’t compare my goal to that without laughing but still I will celebrate achieving it with a beer or two. More important than that though, I will continue just showing up.


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8500 days, 24 years??? Irie-sensei? he started at 11 yrs of age so it could make sense, am I right?

PS – it looks like you would be testing for third dan together with Joel, my Mexican friend, in December. Will be there for sure myself then, either just for support or (geezz), my shodan. Veremos, si?

Comment by virtueality

Nope! It was Murai-san (or more appropriately Murai Shihan). He trains during morning class but is not on staff. He is one of about 7 shihan who attend morning class regularly (7 days a week?).

You’ll be up for your shodan then? Cool! Good luck!

PS, I look forward to meeting your “friend” 🙂 .

Take care,

Comment by Eric Holcomb

Congratulations on a great achievement.

Comment by Laurel

Thank you!

Comment by Eric Holcomb

Way to go Eric! You’re lucky to have so many classes to choose from. Strictly Monday and Friday here so they just tack on a year OVER required time. I’ll reach my goal this Fall. BTW, how’s the knee holding out?

Comment by Eddie deGuzman

Thanks Edddie! And I do feel incredibly lucky to have such a huge smorgasbord of classes to choose from. Good luck on achieving your goal, it sounds as though it will be arriving soonish.

My knee is holding up though I am icing it religiously (5 times daily, facing the East). I hope your parts are holding together and you are not abusing yourself too much!

Take care!

Comment by Eric Holcomb

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