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In Japanese, the kanji characters 修行 or 修業 are pronounced “Shugyou”. The dictionary defines shugyou as: 1)pursuit of knowledge 2)studying 3)learning 4)training 5)ascetic practice 6)discipline

The discipline you have shown in your home dojo and in the pursuit of mastering Aikido is shugyou. Besides regular training and attending the occasional seminar, what further options for shugyou are there for you?

If you are a student or teacher of any variety of Aikido it is likely that you will, at some point in your career, consider visiting the most respected and talented teachers in Japan. Whether you are trying to expand and improve your technique or just paying your respects to the grand-old-masters of Aikido, a trip to Japan to train with these teachers will enrichen your Aikido life.

Join a training tour of the legendary schools from the various Honbu Dojo of the different lineages, the Ki-Aikido Institute in Toshigi, the Aiki Shrine in Iwama to Shingu in Wakayama.

Shugyou Tours will pick you up at Narita and escort you to your ryoukan**. The following day we lead you to the dojo for the start of your Japanese training experience. A fellow aikidoka will be your group’s translator and guide.

Isn’t it time for a real martial art adventure?

For details, please contact :    eric.rc.holcomb  atmark

** Japanese style inn featuring in-room dining and frequently offering hot springs.


Please note, I have removed the schedule for the All Japan Enbukai.  I will be

hosting some friends from Mie.   🙂



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